#06. “Roma Invicta”

September 15, 2021 Speaker: Kenny Rodgers Series: Cities of The Bible

Passage: Daniel 2:1–2:49, John 18:28–19:15, Acts 22:22–26:32

It’s time for our Wednesday night Q&A panel! Tonight our panel will discuss “Roma Invicta” (Daniel 2:21-43, John 19:4-12, Acts 25:9-12, Revelation 17-18) as we continue through our sermon series on the Cities of God. Why does God use prophecy in Scripture? How do we fill our cups with the things of God? How do we balance the responsibility of our governmental citizenship with our heavenly citizenship? Please give us a like and leave us a comment if you watched. #bfbcpanels #Daniel2 # John 19 #Acts25 #Revelation17 #Revelation18 #CityofGod #Augustine #Cityofman #Rome